Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower and potatoes)

Get a cauliflower and cut the leaves off and core out the bottom. Put it in a steamer for 10 mins.

Cut about 800g of potatoes into wedges. You can peel them or not – up to you.

Put some oil in a baking tray and heat on the stove. Chop a small onion and 2cm cube of ginger and cook in the oil until the onion is softened and just starting to brown. Crush in 2 large garlic cloves and cook for a minute. Add a tablespoon of mustard seeds, a teaspoon of cumin seeds and a sprinkle of dry chilli flakes. Stir in the potatoes and a tin of coconut milk. If you like mushrooms (which i do) add some sliced big open cup mushrooms

Make a clearing in the middle and add the whole cauliflower. Spoon some of the juice over the cauli and stick the pan in the oven on about 200c for about 45mins or until the cauli and pots are cooked. If it gets a bit dry during cooking add some water. Dress with the juice of half a lemon and some chopped coriander.

I served this with basmati rice, dhal and some yoghurt and pickles (Pataks chilli pickle and lime pickle are my faves)

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