Corn Chowder

Finely chop a smallish onion and fry in a knob of butter until softened. Peel a large potato (about 400g) and cut into 1.5cm cubes and add to the onions.

Cut the kernels off 2 corn cobs and add to the pan. Add 200g of smoked haddock; I took skin off and cut the flesh into small pieces. I added the skin to the soup to cook but took it out at the end.

Add a teaspoon of ground turmeric, a sprinky of dried chilli and about a litre of vegetable stock.

Simmer for about half an hour. Then either mash some of it or put some in a liquidizer until you get a consistency you like. Add 100ml of cream, pepper and some chopped parsley or corriander.

Eat with bread or oatcakes or any savoury crackers.

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