Foot Stool / Ottoman – 1

I’ve been reading some James Krenov books recently which has me thinking about cabinets and doors. My modest skills are not up to his fabulous curved doors but I came up with a rough design for a small cabinet with nice flat doors. Unfortunately I don’t have enough wood and I’m not going to get to the wood yard anytime soon. I’ve also been thinking of making a foot stool to go with the Morris chair I made last year but I’ve been struggling to get enthusiastic about it.
Now I’ve combined the 2 projects into a foot stool with a cupboard underneath kind of Ottoman-like. Here’s a couple of drawings:

The sides will be made up of slats to match with the sides of the chair, 3 on one long side and 2 on both of the short sides. The other long side will have a pair of doors through which you access the storage area.The top will have an upholstered seat. Dimensions will be around 38cm high x 50cm x 40cm
The only wood I have to hand is the remainder of the Croatian oak I bought for the chair so that’s what I’m making it with. Lets get started.

I cut the legs from this fine piece of timber:

Neat little pile of sawdust
Marking the cut line

I would have used a power saw but I only have an ancient table saw which is a tad scary and has no dust extraction. Sawing it by hand doesn’t really take that long and has the added benefits of getting some exercise and keeping the dust confined to a neat little pile on the bench and the floor.

I ended up with four leg blanks ready for planning. I had considered acquiring a jointer-thicknesser but I don’t really have room and there is a lot of satisfaction to be had in getting from rough sawn timber to square, flat and correctly sized pieces ready for joining and shaping.

Sawn surface
Sawing from both ends. Sometimes you miss

Here are the planes I used. A motley collection.

Big wooden plane. Tricky to set.
Wood River No4, Stanley No4 converted to a scrub plane and a Record 5 1/2
Flat across?
Flat along the length?
And check for squareness all round.
The rails were cut from another large oak plank and then planed and sized. Here’s what I ended up with:
I’ll make a couple of doors next.

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