Roasted veg & Couscous

Still en France we went to the Carrefour supermarket and picked up some nice veggies. Couldn’t find any halloumi though

I sliced a fennel bulb down from the top into 1/2 cm thick slices and layed the slices on a baking tray. From the Carrefour we also bought some big green chillies which I cut longways in half and removed the seeds. I piled these on top of the fennel. I cut an Aubergine longways into 1/8ths and placed these on top of the chillies. Then some big salad onions went on top. I stuffed some Tarragon and garlic cloves into the gaps and smothered everything in olive oil and the dried ‘herbes de provence’ mix that came with the Gite.
Roast at 200c for 30 minutes.
Meanwhile put 200-250g of couscous in a bowl and add about the same volume of boiling veggie stock. Give it a good stir and cover.
After 10 minutes or so check to see it’s soft enough else add a little more stock.
To the Couscous I added chopped chives and some Asparagus from a jar. Spend a bit of time breaking up the Couscous with a fork if it has formed into clumps.

The roasted veg may need a bit longer but check at the 30 minute mark.

When the veggies are done smother your plate with Couscous and smother the Couscous with roasted veg. Eat.

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