Dovetails and a box

More dovetails this week including some lapped dovetails used for things like drawer fronts. Here are some pics:

And here is a small box with dovetailed corners and a through mortise and tenon to hold the central divider. It has a few issues mostly because I didn’t think ahead enough and ignored the wise advice of my colleagues and teacher, but the end result is ok.


Here are the finished winding sticks:

Winding Sticks

As I mentioned before not everyone in the workshop is at the same stage in their training. Alex is in his third term and is making a very curvy chair:

The curved sections are made from thin layers of ash laminated and clamped on a shaped former. Its great to see this and the other projects coming together.

In next week’s exciting episode we’ll be making mortise and tenons and doing a bit of technical drawing.

It was a bit chilly in the garage this weekend but I managed to make a test piece to practice those through mortise and tenon joints used on the box above. I was struggling to get them looking really neat during the week so I thought a bit of homework would be useful. Indoors where it was a bit warmer I moved this blog from Blogger to WordPress. I’m really enjoying WordPress, everything seems to be where I expect to find it whereas in Blogger I was constantly hunting for settings. I added an About page and I’ll add some more pages when I get round to it. I also made some progress with using SketchUp which I have used before but had forgotten most of what I knew..

So after 3 weeks, any regrets? Nope. I want to get out of bed in the morning. I don’t have a feeling of impending doom on a Sunday evening. I don’t have get tortured by City Thameslink Railway for 2 hours every day. I get to ride my scooter (Suzuki Burgman 650) out across the Sussex countryside and see the sun rise over the fields. I learn stuff about making things out of wood all day.  I chisel and saw and plane and rout. I can now make an almost gap free dovetail joint. Bring it on.

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