Mortises, tenons and nice legs

First here is James and his lovely legs.

cabriole legs

Many days of hard work has gone into those legs.

Meanwhile the first termers have been working on some fiendish mortise and tenons. I say fiendish because of the bevel on the inside edge of the corner which adds a few extra surfaces to worry about.

Beveled mortise and tenon

The picture above is my practice joint. We’re now making a frame with an inset panel which has four of these joints. Getting the joint made is not all that tricky but if it doesn’t quite line up then it can take a lot of fettling to get all the surfaces to meet up correctly. They also have a hidden haunch just to add to the fun.

Some more pictures:

The wood we are using is walnut. It planes very nicely and produces these beautiful shavings:

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