Almost Pissaladière

I had some left over pizza dough. If you want to know about making the dough get this book “Flour, water, salt, yeast”, indeed if you want to bake decent bread at home get this book. Just get the book.

According to wikipedia Pissaladière is made “from a bread dough thicker than that of the classic pizza, and the traditional topping consists of usually caramelised (almost pureed) onions, black olives, and anchovies” but being a vegetarian I wasn’t going to include the poor dead fishes and I had some left over Mozzarella and few other bits so i made this:

I sliced 1 and 1/2 onions and fried in a big knob of butter together with some sliced mushrooms until both were soft and browning. Season with salt and pepper.

Flour a baking tray. My tray is about 35x25cm but you could go square or round, it doesn’t really matter.

Shape the dough to fit your pan like you would for a pizza using a combination of stretching and squashing. Rolling works to a certain extent but you’ll squash all the gas out of the dough. Ken gives some useful instructions on this subject. The dough mix I made the day before using 1/2 of Ken’s basic pizza dough recipe. I then dived this into 3 balls, two of which we had for dinner as pizza yesterday evening. The other I left in the fridge.

Now spread your onions and mushrooms over the dough and add whatever you like on top. I had some skinned and roasted red peppers and half a mozzarella ball and some olives and capers. You could go for the traditional anchovies if you like eating little fishes.

Bake at 210c for 15-20 minutes and eat hot or cold.

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