Tongue and groovy

The band saw arrived. It was reduced by £100 because it had a damaged box which was nice. The base and wheels go together like a big Meccano set and there are a few knobs to attach and the table and fences to set up. Half days work perhaps. Here she is:

I re-arranged my sharpening stuff so its all together and not on my bench top.

Sharpen up! Robert Sorby Pro Edge and some diamond plates

I’ve made some progress with the Ottoman. I was going to make the base of the cupboard bit with veneered ply but my attempts at gluing burr oak veneer to ply without a vacuum press didn’t turn out so well. Bagpress do a reasonable budget press but it’s still £300 and I don’t really plan on doing that much veneer work so I though of a better plan.

Tongue and groove is my better plan. I bought a T&G 3/8inch moulding plane from Ebay a while ago and with my lovely new bandsaw I should be able to rip the last of the Croation oak into 3/8 (9.5mm) boards which I can then T&G to make a much better base than veneered plywood. I sharpened up the two blades on the Pro Edge and tried them out on a test piece but the tongue and groove didn’t line up. I.E. the top of the boards weren’t level. It occurred to me that the groove side of the plane is really just a fixed width plough plane so I used my Record 043 instead and now I can position the groove exactly where I need it to line up with the tongue. Some pics:

I finished off the third T&G board and gave them a fettle to get everything level. I’ll trim to size once the carcass is together.

Tongued and Grooved

I did some experimenting with shaping the top and outside edge of the legs. This is my test piece:

Shaping the legs

The actual legs are thicker than this but it should scale ok.

I went to the wood yard. English Woodland Timber. I bought some cherry some of which I’ll use to make a cutlery box for a friend and the rest for whatever else I can come up with. The box is going to have a framed raised panel lid. The frame will be cherry but the panel I wanted to be a bit more exciting so I bought a piece of French Walnut that has some lovely grain and a piece of Yew which has colour and grain going on everywhere. I’ll decide which wood to use when I’ve seen how the cherry turns out. Laminating the Yew and getting the grain to make sense will be challenging.

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