Ottoman nearly done

I’ve done all the shaping on the Ottoman’s legs and I put a bevel round the edge of the side table bits (you’ll see what these are when it’s all together).

I bought some Titebond 3 for the glue up as this will give me plenty of time to get it all together. The legs and rails are easy enough to get together but the side panels make it a bit of a faff.

The grooves that the side panels sit in are going to be filled with 6mm square black Ebony. I’ve glued and planed the two end pieces on each rail but I’ll glue the middle piece in after the main glue-up.

I planed the middle inlays to depth by laying each piece in a groove and planing down to level. They’ll be cut to length after the carcass is glued.

All the surfaces needed cleaning up before gluing so I sharpened the card scraper and my No 4 plane and worked through all the surfaces removing pencil marks and other dirt from the surfaces. The pencil marks that indicated where a piece belonged I moved to a surface that won’t show after glue up i.e. the bottom of the legs or the faces of the tenons. On the side panels I re-marked with a very light pencil triangle. I used the block plane to remove the arris from all the rails and legs and the middle of the side panels.

The tongue and groove boards I made for the base have been trimmed and planed to fit neatly in the bottom.

Tongue and groove panel being fitted

I had a go at putting the beast together and with the side panels and the bottom it’s quite a palaver. Guess I just need to pluck up the courage and apply some glue.

Should I pay an upholsterer to make the seat (or foot rest) or have a go myself?

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