Cabinet & stand 2

Here is the frame glued up.

12 mortise and tenons and 2 sliding half dovetails. I think John (the teacher) meant me to slide these in from behind so the dovetail bit didn’t show but I cut the slot from the front so its now a decorative feature on the front.

The drawer

The stand also incorporates a drawer. The drawer features lapped dovetails at the front and through dovetails at the back. The front is sweet chestnut and the back, sides and bottom are sycamore.

The bottom is mounted with drawer slips and the whole thing slides on runners that are mounted in the side (drawer) rails.

I’ve not come across drawer slips before. They are a tidy solution to mounting a drawer base without needing to cut stopped grooves in the side, although with lapped dovetails this isn’t an issue. The solid timber bottom can expand and contract as its not glued into the slips or the front. The front of the slip has a notch that slips into the groove in the drawer front.

The back of the drawer is slightly lower than the sides and front so it slides into the hole easier and doesn’t get stuck.

The Knob

My mate Mr Krenov likes carving knobs for his drawers and cabinets so I thought I’d best have a try. My first effort was vaguely the right shape but the curve weren’t very neat. On my second attempt I used a big gouge for the inner curve so I got one continuous curve. I shaped the outer curve on the disc sander by following the inner gouge-cut curve. The rest of the shape was sawn and chiselled.

I cut a mortise through the front of the drawer to take the shaft of the knob. The shaft was cut just over length and two cuts were made to take wedges. Then the knob is glued and wedged into the front. It’s not gonna fall out.

The knob in the drawer front

Here’s the finished drawer

The drawer

In the next exciting episode we start on the cabinet.

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