Chair 2

You’ll recall from Chair 1 how we made the legs, now all we have to do is join them all together. The front legs accept a tenon from the side rails. This joint is square because the legs are angled outwards which implies that the tenon on the other end of the side rails isn’t square. We can get the angle for the rear mortice, and the tenon shoulders from the full size seat drawing using a sliding bevel.

The front rail meets the front legs at an angle but the back rail meets the back legs square. The side stretchers meat the back legs at an angle in the horizontal plane and the legs are curving away in the vertical plane. The stretchers meet the front legs on the turned bit so the tenon shoulders are curved.

The cross stretcher is secured to the side stretchers with sliding dovetails which are not seen from above. They are very small.

The cresting rails (is that the correct name for all three of them?) are laminated from several thin strips clamped around an MDF former. They meet the back legs at an angle. Mark the shoulder angle and position by putting the rails back in the former and marking square across where the legs would be.

The decorative carving at the top of the back and front legs was achieved with an in-cannel gouge (curved chisel). The top of the back legs were shaped with a block plane and rounding on the front legs was done with rasp and spoke shave.

The seat is a frame with webbing stretched across. There will be a shaped cushion to go on top of this.

A bit of finish (shellac and wax) et voila one chair.

When it has a cushion I’ll take some more photos and add to the gallery

The chair

Here are loads of pics of chair construction:

I wish I’d been a bit more ambitious with the design as I had nearly a whole week to spare when I’d finished the chair and cabinet. Never mind, it was a very enjoyable experience and certainly won’t be the last chair I make.

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