Fireside chair

We bought a chair from the refuse recycling shop which looks like:

So still having some leftovers from the kitchen table (it’s possible that I overestimated that project just a tad) I thought I’d build an almost-replica. The main difference being all the wicker stuff which, although it suits the chair well enough, is way beyond my skills.

The arms don’t involve any wood bending. You can clearly see there is a joint in the middle of the curve at the top of the legs which allows for the leg and the arm to be cut from a piece of wood without any bending.

I made the seat using paper-string. If you want to see how this is done have a look at this video

It’s finished in shellac.

I have a few improvements in mind for next time which would tidy up the seat and few other areas.

Anyway, here is my version:

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