Kitchen Table

Kitchen table in French oak.

The joints in the frame are draw-bored mortise and tenons which saves on clamping and gives a stronger joint. Also the table is around 1.5metres long and I didn’t have any clamps long enough. I did a test joint without glue and it was rock solid so I built the real thing with no glue and it’s also rock solid.

The drawers have lapped dovetails at the front but just housing joints at the back. It always seems a bit overkill to use dovetails at the back of drawers. The bottoms are made from tongue and grooved oak boards (no ply or mdf in this project). These are easy enough to make yourself with a plough plane and a rebate plane (or a router if you’re a power tool fan). The drawers have grooves on the outside which slide onto runners in the table frame. Rubbing candle was on the runners gives a nice smooth action to the drawers.

The top is 45mm thick and is held in place with turn buttons. The shelf slats are held in their horizontal position with pins but can be lifted off. The slats are different widths just because I didn’t want to waste so much wood getting them all to match, but I like the effect it gives. I added a towel rail at one end and we’ll maybe add something at the other end in due course

I finished it with matt Osmo Topoil which is food-safe and apparently “extremely tough”. We’ll see.

It’s a hefty beast. I hope you like it.

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