l’Américaine is a small cabinet intended to house some of the client’s vinyl record collection, and It’ll also serve as a side table.

I called it The American because it’s made from American cherry and American walnut, and the hardware is Brusso which always loudly states ‘Made in USA’ on the packaging. Then it became l’Américaine. My friend Corrine who lives in France suggested the change of language. Gives it an air of romance peut être. As I’ll also soon be living in France we’re going to go with l’Américaine.

All the panels are solid wood. No veneer, no MDF. The framing is all mortise and tenons, and there are sliding dovetails on the front and back. The table top and the bottom shelf are held in place with turn-buttons to allow for a little movement while the upper shelf just rests on it’s supports.

Finished in Osmo satin.

Hope you like it.

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