Leftovers bathroom shelves

This is made from the oak leftovers and off-cuts from the kitchen table project so most of the wood is what would generally be considered as waste. There are checks and splits in some of the legs and the right front leg has a piece spliced in at the bottom where there was bark.

As I’ve used the trimmings left from sawing up waney edged boards there is lots of sap wood which gives a nice mix of colour and grain. A couple of the shelf slats are cherry.

The legs flare from top to bottom on both outside faces. As on the kitchen table I’ve used random width shelf slats.

For the drawer front I picked a rough looking piece from the trimmings and kept the waney edge. It looks a bit like a piece of drift wood which works nicely in our bathroom as it has loads of exposed roof structure which is old and worm eaten oak. The drawer runners are suspended on dowels from the top shelf supports.

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