Glue, screwed and shellaced

The Ottoman without the seat

I glued the Ottoman using Titebond 3 which has a generous 20-25 minute open time so I had plenty of time to fiddle around.

At furniture school we are encouraged to wipe off excess glue with a wet rag but at home I tend to leave it to set and then use a chisel and scraper to clean up after its hardened. Both methods seem to work fine.

I fitted the base again as the hole seemed to have shrunk. The end pieces are screwed onto the cross rails from underneath and the cross rails are currently just fitted tightly  into their housings. I suspect it would be a good idea to glue them at some point.

As I think I mentioned previously the doors have been abandoned so it now just has an open side. I might revisit this decision in the future. Obviously the top will be closed in by the seat.

Ottoman (sans seat) from the front

So far it has 3 coats of blonde de-waxed shellac. Maybe 1 more coat and some wax and then I’ll get onto the upholstery man.

And here’s a nice photo.

Lie Nielsen block plane and some ebony shavings

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